House dressing

for you


"House dressing for you" is a home service for you if you would like to discuss your interior with a independent professional on site. I´m trained to see possibilities and to create solutions to make the best out of a space. Think clean lines, natural light and a personal touch. Maybe you have everything you need to create the home you want, just need a pair of new eyes too look at it? Maybe you need help to sort out colours or new placement of furniture, or suggestions on how to add the little extra.

 You set the agenda, and we will communicate in advance for the meeting. This session is limited to 3 hours of instant Q & A and action. 

The service is 3 hours and price in total is £ 240. 

House dressing for

sale or let 


House dressing for sale or let & photo is a tailored service for your need. 5 hours of care for the space you are letting or selling, making it look the best with less.

A typical case would be:

One hour of consultation on site where we discuss the intention for actions, and look at the possibilities for improvements. Suggestions on what to rearrange, move or remove in advance for the "house dressing". 

HA Interior design comes back on a agreed time for styling bringing suited soft furnishing and flowers to meet the discussed target group, and preparing the space to look it best for photographing or a viewing. Simple grip can make a difference for attention and interest from potential buyers, as we know that most people are emotionally engaged when looking for a new home.

The space must be furnished, and in case of moving or removing of  heavy items it must be performed by the client.  

A five hours service, flowers and  soft furnishing included and installed for the day:  £400