Autumn breeze from south of France

Late summer months is gorgeous, especially if you are looking for an Indian summer experience, and you end up in a place like “Maison Mondo” in South of France, like I did. When we went there in late September, the days were smooth and calming, and as the summer turns into autumn, we were surrounded by a beautiful Autumn colour palette and I could not help bringing out my camera.

The French have displayed an enviable degree of domestic chic in fashion and interiors since way back then. When it comes to creating rooms that are both relaxed and elegant, French country house style is hard to beat. The style is fortunately not impossible to re-create even on a different continent and despite of a quite new building … Think heavy linen, olive trees, heavy wooden coffee table, candle lights, beautiful vintage pieces or handcrafted objects.

The owner of Maison Mondo, Laila, is an Interior designer who is passionate about creating exactly this, and looking at the photos you will see what I mean. The way the material is combined, stone (love the stone wall with natural stones that she designed for the house) the tiled floor, the country chic kitchen (the stove!) and the generous sofas in front of a fireplace. I can ensure everyone that this sofa is premium seat when the sun goes down, with some French cheese and a glass of wine… Everything is fine, just mentioning it.

The secret behind Laila`s chic French, and I would say modern country house style, is to collect special vintage objects for the home: the books, the vases, the console table and the massive candle sticks . I dare say it does almost everything in the aim of creating the French countryside look. If you`d like more ideas head over to Mondo Interior:

Au revoir!