Decorating with treasures from nature

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Decorating with treasures from nature

So here we go again! December is definitely here, and we all may feel the pressure (or panic) about the long to-do list. 

I can highly recommend a little bit of breathing in between, a little trip out in mother nature, to gather some silence, maybe something for your dinner table that day, or a branch to hang your decoration?  May you want to bring in the natural, fresh smell of forest and greenery to your home. 

On the fallen trees in the forest, the moss is so loose and it`s easy to take home and make something beautiful. Have a cup of tea and admire your creation as the light disappears and the mood of Christmas in the making fills the house.

Are you bringing anyone on your little excursion, maybe have some cookies ready for a delightful rest and breathe in the smell of wet moss and spruce. 

Did you feel the "forest- mood" by reading this?

I hope you did. Maybe this scenery, where I have aimed to recreate the feeling of being outdoors, will give you some ideas for your decoration. By bringing in the natural light and the smell from nature you create a harmonious atmosphere. I love earthy colours, for every season, but most of all for Christmas. You can add on whatever colour you want, and more lights as the evening get darker.

By using honest materials, such as wool, linen and cheap skins I think this space became warm and welcoming, and the green gifts from nature wrap it all in a heavenly smell.