Green is the new Red this season..

Photo by Monica Hellem Photography

Decoration (& some photos by Helene Arentz;)

This headline is a bit random, it could have been; “Decorate the Scandinavian way”, or; “Go Natural”. None of them impressively good, anyway, the point is; I have a periodically strained relationship to the colour red. It`s depending on the context and may also my mood…. However, to me Christmas decoration can be “hash” if it`s too much red, or in some case, red at all!
so, I know it`s a little early, but Christmas decoration planning is allowed, so here`s some suggestion of using natural, green seasonal decoration. My favourites are light wood, green, white, and as you can see in this beautifully decorated Scandinavian home in Wimbledon, blue is a fresh supplement. And then it`s a beautiful rug, yes, it`s red, but it`s also orange, blue and white, and thats perfect!

Helene xx