Summer house blues

What a special summer this has been. Every morning like a blank canvas; bright and sunny. It`s hard to imagine it will ever change, it`s so easy to get used to it. For me, the perfect summer holiday is slow mornings with black coffee in an old half broken cup, used by a few generations. shabby colourful cottage furniture combined with blend white comfy sofas (thank you Ikea;) Summer flowers collected at a morning or evening trip along the sea, and a breakfast with fresh fruit.

Family and friends going in and out, extended dinner table every evening , and a proper swim at least twice a day. So in sum, this has been the best holiday. 

Enjoy the even better part of the summer, August!

The light home of a Scandinavian

Photo and styling by Ha Interior design.

The personality, talent and danish genes of the owner of this home are evident throughout this modern, light and airy London house. Some clever architectural features like roof windows and glass walls between rooms creates a modern look, and clever use of colours ties it all together. By keeping walls and ceiling in a pure white, with all window and door frames in dark grey,  the architecture stands out, and gives good opportunity to play with art and colours without stealing any light. 

It´s visible that the owner has adopted a certain style from her upbringing with a Danish mum, and Danish classics. Melted together with warm and textured furniture and soft furnishings. Take a closer look on details from this lovely "light house".

London home makeover

See how we changed the look of this London house. By introducing a new colour palette, new soft furnishing and curtains and some new furniture you can see the transformation below. Some existing belongings has been rearranged to a new spot, maybe had a stroke of paint. We also went to the antique market to find chairs, a stool and some decorative items. See after and before photo`s below.


Design on the door step!

Design on the door step;


Wimbledon Village has Interior, Art & Antique shops lined up for you..



Wimbledon Village has interiors, art & antique shops lined up for you… 

If you have design on your mind Wimbledon Village has an impressive number of shops for you to explore. Within a few metres, you will find beautiful wooden flooring, Scandinavian furniture and lighting, tiles, paint, fabrics, curtains, kitchens, shutters, more furniture and homeware, art, antiques and some very stylish radiators!

For every shop, there is a lovely place to have a coffee pit-stop to digest your latest input.





Some tip how to kick off your project

As with most processes of change, I think the most difficult part is where to start.  So a visual plan might be what you need. Make yourself a mood board, by tearing out photos from magazines and glueing them to a piece of cardboard. Take everything that inspires you, like colours, materials, art, nature… inspiration can literally be found everywhere. Alternatively,  create your mood board digitally, which is easier to adjust as you narrow down your choices. Using PowerPoint or a similar app, take screenshots as you browse your favourite designers online, and paste your images into your mood board. A mood board is perfect to take with you when you visit shops, as the staff are much more likely to help you to create the look you’re aiming for.

“The better you learn and trust your own taste, the better the result will be for you. ”

Start with your preferences on flooring, like tiles, wooden floors, light or dark etc.

Make a colour palette of your favourite colours. Avoid trends that are not to your taste, stick to favourites, and work from there with the help of experts in the paint shop. Think concept - your interior design concept!

Define your needs! Kids? Dogs? Teenagers? Retired? Only you know your needs and preferences, and the better you learn and trust your own taste, the better the result will be for you. 

Enjoy some of my views from Wimbledon Village High Street, all for your inspiration;

Screenshot 2018-03-03 21.54.28.png

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Here's some of the shops you'll find in the Village..